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Русификатор для Enuf

Upload Date: Сегодня, 15:15

A nice download manager
Enuf is an advanced and easy to use download manager that includes support for FileMaps.

Русификатор для Poppy Windows 7 Theme

Upload Date: Сегодня, 12:55

Quickly and easily change the mood of your computer's desktop with this particularly wonderful flower-themed high-quality image collection
Poppy Windows 7 Theme will provide users with a very nice set of pictures of various digitally painted canvases for beautifying their PC screen.

Русификатор для Flow

Upload Date: Сегодня, 12:19

A simple application developed to provide you with an quick means of launching programs or opening websites just by pressing a button on your keyboard
Flow is a lightweight and intuitive software solution designed as a shortcut creator, as it enables you to launch programs, open websites, folders or files, simply by pressing a user-defined button on your keyboard.

Русификатор для ASAP Utilities Home & Student

Upload Date: Сегодня, 11:08

A comprehensive collection of functions for Excel that can enhance its default functionality, while providing you with powerful productivity tools
With its long-term inclusion in the Office package and world-wide popularity, there is no denying that Microsoft Excel is one of the best, if not the best, app for creating spreadsheets, charts and tables.

Русификатор для PaneKiller

Upload Date: Сегодня, 10:49

MaDdoG PaneKiller is the quickest solution to get to all the documents and programs stored on your computer
MaDdoG PaneKiller is the quickest solution to get to all the documents and programs stored on your computer, without filling your screen with folder windows.

Русификатор для Email Marketing Robot

Upload Date: Сегодня, 09:57

Create, manage and schedule email marketing campaigns using this comprehensive tool with options for sending relevant messages to clients with your company's details
Designed for companies, Email Marketing Robot is a comprehensive software application that gives you the possibility to organize marketing campaigns and send relevant information to your clients via email.

Русификатор для EA Install

Upload Date: Сегодня, 09:36

A tool to help you easily and safely transfer MetaTrader data by creating installers which can deploy their content to multiple destinations
What's new in EA Install 1.

Русификатор для BrightnessTray

Upload Date: Сегодня, 05:56

Control your laptop screen's brightness from the system tray, keep it awake or enable sleep mode using a handy shortcut, all with this lightweight app
What's new in BrightnessTray 1.

Русификатор для iWebFilter

Upload Date: Сегодня, 05:21

A simple and easy to use web filter software
iWebFilter is a full-featured parental control / web filter software which allows you to restrict or block access to unwanted web content.

Русификатор для Pathoscope

Upload Date: Сегодня, 05:03

Analyze strains of genomes and generate Excel reports
Pathoscope is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to process and analyze multiple strains of genomes and predict which ones belong there.